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system architecture 
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Drupal centered
or shallow
trusted partner:
We focus on key services for our clients spread from Washington to Edinburgh.
trusted partner:
«Andrei and Ownstr team helps us with wide range of services for 2 years already. Covered Drupal high-loaded project, Golang mirco services projects and many more. I recommend guys for further cooperation without any doubts.»
Rumen Yordanov
Area Manager at FFW
«Have Ownstr as a partner for 3 years already.
Guys are punctual the thorough. Indeed Drupal nerds. Exactly what you are looking for!»
Marco De Toni
CTO at Nextep
«Helping us greatly with SAP and SAPUI5 deep expertise.
Working for a year already and happy with the results.»
Stefano Pattaro
CTO at Allos
«Ownstr guys proved themselves to be really helpful when covered 2 our critical projects at once. I'm able to cover more incoming projects with the Ownstr assistance. If you are looking for a team of web development specialists look no further!»
Andrei Melis
Drupal 7 full developments stack
Creating new websites and applications, providing long-term support for existing projects, developing new modules and fixing contrib. ones
Drupal 8
Migrating from Drupal 7, integrating with third-party systems, mastering Drupal 8 routing, theming, entities, forms, services, upgrading Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8
Search engines
Apache solr, elasticsearch
Third party integrations
Delivery services, nosto, google analytics, piwik, ines invoices management, crazy eggs, SOAP (wsdl) based protocol services
Custom hardware
Smart office, smart home with contactless NFC cards, own ethernet stack, AVR, STM32 ARM based microprocessors.
Business integration to Drupal
Emails, newsletters, maps, feedback service, SEO, context splitting, permission restrictions etc.
Feeds, data migration
Custom Feeds sources and processors and data-specific Migration classes that allows import procedures of immense flexibility
Drupal commerce components, payment gateways integration, custom e-commerce workflows
Performance optimization
Best practices of Drupal optimization (Memcached, Varnish), scalability and performance, queues processing and Drupal fine tunning.
Linux environment
Networking, system administration, bash, ssh, VPN, vagrant, docker, puppet, nginx, php-fpm, sql, solr, elasticsearch & other similar services & software.
Front end based solutions
JS, websockets, polling, local storages.
Field collection, commerce&invoice entity controller, SQL transaction problem, Drupal core, Media assets module, Menu position module, Ajax Poll module, other daily used modules
Other technologies
Symfony, Laravel, Magento, Opengl, C/C++, mobile development


Andrei Boreiko
Vice President
Liya Khvedchina
Pavel Ruban
Tech Leader
Anastasia Clifford
Business Analyst & Senior Account Manager
Daria Zenova
IT Recruiter
Alexander Ognev
Team Leader, Drupal/React
Maxim Kashuba
Senior Drupal developer
Aleksey Strekalov
Middle Drupal developer
Andrey Baranov
Drupal/React developer
Alexander Kozlenkov
Senior Golang developer
Ivan Karikh
SAPUI5 developer
Artiom Neganov
Senior Drupal developer
Vladimir Degtiarev
Middle Drupal developer
Andrey Babich
Senior Magento developer
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